Below is a list of some of Guy's accomplishments while serving Howard County.

Education and our Children's Future

In the Maryland Legislature and on the County Council, Guy has made education and our #1 ranked school system his top priority. Over the last 15 years, he has contributed to significant changes that have improved student performance and school facilities across Howard County and Maryland. On the higher education front, he has lead efforts to expand Howard Community College and many universities around the state.

Quality of Life and the Environment

With a personal and professional commitment to the natural environment, Guy has led numerous efforts to promote environmental protection, land preservation, growth management, and community planning.

Libraries, Seniors, Recreation and Parks

Guy has been instrumental in upgrading facilities for Howard County residents. He has advocated for our library system, for new senior centers and for a host of new parks and recreational facilities.

Keeping our Neighborhoods Safe

Guy has worked to improve our public safety system and help keep our communities safe. He has been effective at making sure our police, fire and EMT/Medevac programs have the resources they need to provide excellent service. He also has supported legislation to protect citizens against sex offenders and strengthen domestic violence laws.

Economic Growth and Fiscal Responsibility

Working on the House Appropriations Committee and as a member of the Howard County Council, Guy has helped develop and vote for 15 straight balanced budgets. During this time, the county and the state have received AAA bond ratings for outstanding fiscal management. He has also supported legislation and responsible zoning practices to aid innovative business growth, technology transfer and workforce development.

And More...

Guy has sponsored, advocated, or supported all of the following projects, programs and legislation:

  • expanded funding for developmental disability and autism programs
  • women's right to choose
  • workplace/restaurant smoking ban
  • marriage equality
  • anti-human trafficking legislation
  • animal protection and spay and neuter legislation
  • gun safety legislation
  • anti-bullying legislation
  • property tax credit for home design features to support seniors and the disability community
  • local capital projects, including:
    • North Laurel Community Center
    • Robinson Nature Center
    • Troy Hill Park
    • Carroll Baldwin Hall renovation
    • Transitional home for Domestic Violence Center
    • Blandair Park's fully accessible playground
    • Belmont restoration
    • Old Ellicott City Post Office Tourism Center
    • Housing projects for the Arc and Columbia Housing
    • Symphony Woods
    • Linwood Center
    • Living Farm Heritage Museum
Education is the #1 priority
Water quality testing
Unveiling the new Medevac helicopters
Enjoying the Howard County opening of the
world's largest ice cream factory
Marriage Equality bill signing